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partnership Vision

In order to care for a community, sufficient and quality health care has to be provided. Ansanm believes that the pursuit of sustainability should and can be accomplished by working together.


TOGETHER we dream to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare to our patients by providing preventative care, caring for acute conditions and finding solutions to maintain and cure chronic conditions that plague the community.


Patient responsibility plays a vital role in the success of the hospital.  
With increased education and the improvement of services, we believe that patients will have the chance to improve their quality of life and get the medical care they deserve. 

Current Services

Longterm Chronic Care

Primary Care

Wound Care

Ambulance Services

Maternity Care & Birthing Center

24hr Pharmacy

24hr Urgent Care

vaccination program

Future Services

Dental Services

Mental Health

Laboratory Services

Community Health Outreach

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History of the Hospital

The construction of Centre Hospitalier Mayance Comper was completed in year of 2013, in the village of Cap Rouge, Haiti. That same year, the hospital began to provide patient care totaling more than five hundred patients. As the patient population increased, more medical providers were added to the staff. Due to the lack of resources and the inability to sustain the hospital needs, the facility halted operations in May 2017. After the closure of the hospital, the community suffered greatly due to the inability to access medical care.


Seeing the great need for sufficient medical care, Life Ansanm reached out to see if a partnership was possible to begin providing services back to the community. In October 2017, Life Ansanm and Abraham Comper partnered to reopen the hospital. The hospital now provides vital medical care to the community of Cap Rouge. Currently the hospital sees an average of 350+ patients per month and hosts two medical doctors and two nurses.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with LifeAnsanm, whether through volunteering, donating, or partnering with us. We'd love to have you join us in our mission to empower the community of Cap Rouge.

become a monthly medical sponsor

Your sponsorship provides jobs for healthcare providers and additional supplies needed for services. 


$30 per Month

Become a Level 1 Sponsor


$50 Per Month

Become a Level 2 Sponsor

$100 Per Month

Become a Level 3 Sponsor


provide ambulatory services

Your sponsorship provides salaries for ambulance

drivers and the needs for transport



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