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Birthing Center

Kay Akouchman

(Birthing House in Creole)

Kay Akouchman is changing lives in Cap Rouge by giving life saving services and support to women and infants in our community.

Kay Akouchman (Creole for Birthing House) is a beacon of hope for women in Cap Rouge. Our team of certified Haitian midwives and nurses provides holistic maternal care ensuring the well-being of both mothers and babies, guiding them through the journey of pregnancy and beyond. Our mission goes beyond providing medical care; we empower Haitian women by equipping them with knowledge, support, and a sense of agency over their own health.

Our prenatal and postnatal services include comprehensive check-ups, nutritional guidance, and educational programs that empower expectant mothers with the knowledge and resources they need to have a healthy pregnancy and infant care.

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Current Services

Prenatal Care

Holistic maternal care is provided to ensure mother and baby wellness and to prep for safe and healthy delivery by certified Haitian midwives

Community Education and Family Planning

Group pre/postnatal classes and community sex education hosted within the community

Labor and Delivery

Supported delivery is provided by certified, Haitian midwives to ensure safe births for women

Postnatal and Infant Care

Care for mothers and infants after birth is provided by certified Haitian midwives and medical providers to ensure health and wellness in the early months, including essential breastfeeding support, check-ups, and education on infant care

Ambulatory Services

In the event of a medical emergency, we provide 24/7 ambulatory services

24hr Pharmacy

Why we do it

Our goal is to ensure that mothers and newborns receive the vital care they deserve by reducing the risks associated with childbirth in challenging conditions.

We invite you to join us in our mission to provide essential healthcare services that are contributing to saving lives and promoting well-being in this community.  Thank you for your compassionate support and dedication to making a positive impact in Haiti!

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with LifeAnsanm, whether through volunteering, donating, or partnering with us. We'd love to have you join us in our mission to empower the community of Cap Rouge.

Become a monthly sponsor

Your sponsorship provides jobs for midwives, nurses and additional supplies needed for services. 


$30 per Month

Become a Level 1 Sponsor


Become a Level 2 Sponsor

$50 Per Month


$100 Per Month

Become a Level 3 Sponsor

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